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You Won't Believe What I Got Paid For This Thing!

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

This morning I woke up and looked in my backyard and I saw it again. What was this thing I had to wake up and see everyday staring back at me, what could I do with it. Nobody really would want it. Right? This nasty large hard object that had been battled by the age and the aftermath of mother nature's wrath. I could feel it looking at me with despair of longing to be gone but to where and by whom? I decided to get to work and I went on Google and started searching. I typed "junk car" and "who buys junk cars" and then I searched "cash for cars". Wow I couldn't believe that this whole time I thought I was a prisoner to being stuck with this junk forever when in reality I was keeping it prisoner when so many companies was looking for it and I was so amazed and couldn't understand this concept. I called a few places and was not impressed until I reached Xtreme Junk Cars and then I was ready. Ready to set up a time to come tow my junk car away and pay me cash for cars. I waited and when they arrived I was still astonished that these people are going to pay me for my junk. But how much? Pennies? Dollars? What? The excitement is too much to bare! Ok he did the inspection of the junk, not sure what he was looking for in inspection but ok. He pulled out a folded stack of cash and started counting. I tried waiting patiently because God knows I did not want to stop him early, keep counting! Oh no! He stopped counting and now he is walking towards me. He smiles and gives me the stack of the folded green paper bills and tells me that not only am I getting paid but I am also helping the environment with my addition to recycling. Who'd a thought I could get paid for junk and help the planet at same time. Xtreme Junk Cars made my day and they can make yours too. Give them a call if you too are staring at a sore sight filled with an unwanted piece of junk or any car at all. 813-244-0898 The gentleman told me they buy all cars and trucks, good or bad and with title or without. We Buy all cars he said. Oh and I almost forgot to tell how much I got. Well for the old car I had they paid cash to me of seven hundred even. Please tell me have you gotten rid of a junk car or anything you thought was worthless and received for it more than you imagined possible?

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2 comentários

Bill Martin
Bill Martin
12 de abr. de 2023

You got paid for what you had given to them, if your scrap is of high value then they will surely give you the high cost for it and mostly Junk Cars Hollywood experts pay the estimated cost for junk.


Cool-Roots Superville
Cool-Roots Superville
15 de jul. de 2022

2001bmw 525i what do u think I'll d

Get for it.

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