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Move Over or Slow Down?

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Exactly the question when someone is needing a tow and they are stranded on the side of the road. Traffic backed up on the highways is an all the time situation now. Especially in in Tampa Towing and Brandon Towing areas. The job of a Tow driver is a sure dangerous one and the rewards sometimes isn't what it should be. Have you caught yourself speeding by a towing truck or not moving over for the car being towed or the tow truck to be more safe? I saw a car hit the back of a tow truck and ramp up the bed then fly over the cab of the truck and into the ditch. Thank God everyone involved was ok but sometimes that's not the case. If your stranded and in need a tow then I use JB Xtreme Towing in Tampa and Brandon. They try to stay safe and help get the car loaded really fast. So lest time on side of the road the less chance of bad happening. Call them at 813-244-0898 for best towing and flat rate towing. Remember to chat back about your scary memory or experience of someone failing to move over or slow down.

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